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About Junk Drawer NFT Project Season 1


Junk Drawers are *NOT* randomly generated pixel art depicting drawers containing miscellaneous items and their content lists, 25 in all for this first season. Associated by social platforms but not connected with Trading Bot Swap Meet NFT Project other than by NINETENTWO (a solo Artist and not a team). Check this project out on Twitter, Medium, Discord, Instagram and also the project's media wall to find out more details on this project. Random token burns events held each week will end December 25th 2021 or when collection sells out, whatever comes first.


Functionality is intentionally omitted for others to interpret, there will be no explicit rarities specified at launch. How you value a Junk Drawer is up to you. Junk Drawers are limited fungible Collectibles, Junk Drawer listings are Non-fungible limited editions, Junk Drawer collections and seasons are never repeated, over and final once the sale ends for that collection.


October 2021

November 2021

December 2021

Updates 2021 Q1



Join the Discord for more info.

Discord invite link of the week (expires Dec 14th)

Twitter @Trading Bot Swap

Media Wall